Payment Helpdesk's PCI compliant, secure online virtual terminal is the ideal solution for collecting customer payments online, online billing, and for online shopping carts (digital files, buy now and add to cart buttons functionality). Have a look at the bullet point list below to see the online payments features.

Collecting payments online is simple with Payment Helpdesk. In fact, our customers tell us they never knew it could be so easy. You should be receiving all your customer payments electronically and, whenever possible, automatically. (If you already are, then chances are that Payment Helpdesk can do it better).

We have taken the lead where most other payment processing firms stop. In addition to processing ACH, electronic checks, eChecks, credit and debit transactions, direct deposit, recurring billing and recurring payments, we include extra CRM (customer relationship management) functionality, a payment portal designed with the business user in mind with convenient, intuitive navigation and useful tools designed for the business owner and employees.

  • We provide you with secure payment pages that you can use to receive payments. Link to them in email invoices with the invoice details (automatically done through the Payment Helpdesk virtual terminal) or from your webpage. No special coding skills needed.
  • Send e-mail invoices to your customers so they can pay you by following a link in the email and paying on our secure hosted payment pages.
  • Payments can be one-time or recurring, and they can be initiated by the customer or by you - your choice.
  • A payment form can be hosted on your site and sent to our servers for backend processing. (Requires basic html skills - we can help)
  • Process a customer payment with a check or credit card at the point of sale. All you need is computer with an internet connection. Your customer transactions will be as easy as buying a pack of gum from the local convenience store.

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