Process credit and debit cards easily with Payment Helpdesk. We give you all the tools you need to be able to process transactions at low rates. Our end-to-end security offers added peace of mind, as Payment Helpdesk is fully compliant with current Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. You get a merchant account and gateway in one.

You can use credit cards in the following scenarios:

- payments can be taken over the phone and entered into the Payment Helpdesk Portal by your office

- payments can be taken in-person

- payments can be received by mail and entered into the Payment Helpdesk Portal by your office

- payments can be processed over the internet

  • link your website to a page branded for your company that is securely hosted on our servers. Payment processed by your customer.
  • Email your customers an invoice that links to a payment page. Payment processed by your customer.
  • integrate your website with our easy-to-understand API instructions.

- use it as a secondary payment method if an ACH or Instant eCheck transaction fails due to insufficient funds

Each merchant account for credit cards comes with these features:

- keep payment data secure by adhering to the most recent credit card industry security PCI standards

- ability to upload existing customers

- ability to automatically email customers before payments are processed and after payments have been processed (success or fail notifications)

- ability to setup recurring payments for a customer

- enhanced reports to view and understand your business results

- give your customers access to their payment history and special customer-oriented reports

- see the complete list of features here

- secure mobile phone access

- schedule text and email notifications & reports

Payment Helpdesk offers very low credit and debit card payment processing rates. We combine credit card transactions with check and direct debit payments in a single online payment processing system. You can set any payment to be 1-time or automatic recurring. Our payment processing system gives you flexibility when accepting customer payments, which makes it easier for you to receive customer payments.

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